Reconnect with your true self.

with your true self.

A very warm Welcome to Harmonise Me.

I specialise in transformational mental, emotional, and physical healing.

I work predominantly with the subconscious mind to bring life changing shifts, creating a life that supports you…so you can thrive, rather than just survive.  

Many of our patterns of behaviour, and experiences occur due to underlying core beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind, that were created during early childhood.  If we had a challenging childhood, these beliefs can be destructive, negatively driving and impacting your life.  100% of our behaviour is driven by our belief system.  I create a customised bespoke service to meet your individual needs, based on your unique experiences.  

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you’re awakened to the need for deeper emotional and mental work in your life.  The work we do together enables you step into a place where you Feel whole, safe, empowered, loved, free, relaxed, and joyful.

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship with yourself, your body, food, or other people?

Do you feel like you just aren’t enough?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or over analyse frequently?

Are you over reactive to others, or your children?

Perhaps you’ve been told several times to meditate, say affirmations, “ask, believe, receive,” or any number of other self-improvement strategies and healing modalities, but for some reason, nothing has seemed to work.

When will this end? When will I be healed so I can start living the life I dream of?

The truth is, whether you feel it right now or not, you’re already whole and perfect.

When you release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your true self, you feel:


This is your natural state.

I work with you to shed light on circumstances which have brought you challenges, helping you profoundly transform your life for the better, as you reconnect with your true divine self to access all the self-love, acceptance, peace and clarity that you truly deserve.

During my treatment with Katie I felt safe to be vulnerable and express my feelings freely without judgment. Katie created a safe space and was very accurate in a sensitive area. Katie is extremely intuitive and was able to help me release that which was holding me back. I feel more confident to reach for my goals. Zoe Costi

When you are standing in your true self, you can claim the life you feel destined to live.

I work with powerful healing modalities I used to heal myself, to help you release years and even lifetimes of self-love, trust, fear and worthiness issues, including a number of other limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Intuitive Guidance

Healing Hypnosis

Mindfulness Coaching

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About Katie Bullen

Katie Bullen, advanced practitioner and founder of Harmonise Me, has extensive experience in modalities based around healing, energy and spirituality.  Her certified qualifications include, Mindfulness, Mindfulness CBT, Hypnotherapy, Quatum Healing Hypnosis, Advanced Theta Healing, Intutive Anatomy,  Reiki Mastery, Crystal healing, Yoga, Yogalates, and Pilates.

She has helped a huge number of people along her journey, particularly due to her natural intuitive and empathic heart spaced nature.  Her extensive experience, as well as challenging personal experiences, have enabled her to be a hugely beneficial, warm, and supportive guide, who’s able to personally relate to those seeking assistance with day-day struggles, or for those with larger issues, such as Trauma.

Katie comes from a background of Trauma, which manifested in many different expressions; such as anxiety, chronic, and post traumatic stress, depression, fears, eating dis-orders, physical dis-ease, addictive behaviours, and a sense of ‘lack’ whether that was self love, or value.  Through healing herself she was able to connect to her deep emotions and feelings, including that of her inner child, and Ego state.  Within this feeling, allowing and relaxing process she was able to re-write some very limiting beliefs and fears she had either created, inherited, or picked up along the way.  She loves helping others to experience their own healing shifts and transformations, and acts as a light bearer, holding space and guiding you as you embark on your own unique healing journey.

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